Amyparadise Cattery was  registered  into  CFA
And member of NASC , we breed American Shorthair cats only.

アメショー ブラウンのこねこ アメショー ブルーの仔猫 アメリカンショートヘアー 黒 ブラックの Kitten
Tabby and white Brown Patched
classic tabby
classic tabby
classic tabby
classic tabby
Black solid

We are breeding the kitten with very sufficient character.
Don't you think that you want to live together with the Amyparadise kitten?

Please contact us for consultation.
Please contact a little early about Top Show Type.

Please do a contact from foreign countries early .
We welcome a contact from USA in particular .

The plan when the kitten is born is from the end of FEB to the beginning of MAR .
The expected color is Silver tabby ,Silver tabby and white

ThThe next birth of the kitten is Winter ? 2017

Silver Patched Tabby Female  4M